Animal Removal

The Lay Person is Not an Animal Extractor

animal removal specialistA quality critter removal company is trained, licensed, and insured to come to your home or business to remove any number of pests and critters. Be sure you know the difference between a pest control company and a wildlife removal company and the methods used to eliminate both.

Make sure that the company you call to come and solved a critter problem for you performs full structural inspection, going into basements and attics as well as the main frame of the structure.

Make sure the company can say 100% where the critters are entering the structure and can seal up all entry points. If the company does not seal up points of entry, the problems will return.

Make sure the company agrees to repair any damage they cannot help when removing the critters (s).

Make sure this company guarantees no further intrusions into your home or business by these critters happen again.

Be sure the company cleans up any chemicals and biohazardous waste. A quality critter removal company should be available seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Verify that the business tells you if they are using chemicals and what kind of chemicals.

If this company is trapping, they need a license in many states. There are different types of traps and baits. The company knows everything relevant and vital to catching the critter, such as placement and type of trap. Safety to the critter is critical as is the security of the employee.

alive trapped squirrelCatching wild critters outside of their natural habitat is not an easy job, especially if the critters have babies. The critter’s focus is protecting their young. The removal company is well-versed on what methods to use and what not to do in removing pests, unlike the lay person.

For instance, many homeowners or businesses may not think twice about using poison to kill mice or rats. Never, ever, use poison as this causes more problems, such as the mouse or rat eating the poison and dying in the structure. Mouse or not, poison is not a comfortable way to die for any critter. In the end, poison does not solve your problem.