(Some) Critters Deserve a Chance to Live

There is not one wildlife critter that is more feared by humans than the bat because people think that most bats are rabid. Do you go to great lengths to dress for the occasion of trying to rid your home of bats?

Do you wear a hat with ear and forehead protectors, long sleeve shirts, and coat with thick sleeves, long thick pants, boots, and thick gloves that an alligator could not puncture? You are now ready for your attack of that critter that is 100 times smaller than you. Although we suggest you call for help from professionals of http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/atlanta-wildlife-removal.


Never go to these dress extremes just to rid your home of a bat. You probably found that once dressed for the occasion you could not move. You could not even do a Marine crawl on the ground towards the bat hanging on the wall let alone capture a bat, dead or alive setting it free.

Some people who see a bat hanging from a window, curtain, or wall, try to shoot the critter with a gun, although you could try your luck with a tennis racket, it is doubtful you can swing the racket adorned in all of your garb. The bat ends up flying to a new hide-a-way, and you have a bullet hole in your wall, or your curtain is still smoking, and you have a broken window.

If you fear bats, and you have bats in your home, they are probably coming from your attic. Never go to these depths to get rid of bats in your belfry. A professional wildlife removal company removes bats humanely and sets them free in the wild, away from your home.

Never do a disservice to bats by killing them. Save yourself time and frustration by letting the professionals rid your home of bats. The company you call to help you rid your home of bats need to be a business specializing in wildlife removal, utilizing the proper methods of solving the problem. Thus, you save a lot of money in house repairs; the bat gets his or her freedom, and you walk away with a clear conscience.


Humane Bat Removal is the best way to remove bats from your attic. In addition to bats, other critters love to make attics, their homes such as squirrels, mice, rats, skunks, possums, snakes, birds, and raccoons. Each animal requires a different type of trap and bait. Carpenter ants, roaches, and termites are another issue.

There should be a focus on being humane and not hurting the animals.
Everything and everyone deserves a chance to live, except for carpenter ants, cockroaches, and termites. Just because some critters become misplaced in their natural habitat does not give any human the right to kill the critter.

A quality wildlife removal company is specially trained to remove bats and can show you where to cover up the entrances where bats are entering your home.